Allmän kurs skriver om hemlöshet

På engelskan har deltagarna på Allmän kurs arbetat med temat hemlöshet. De har intervjuat personer som har erfarenhet av att vara hemlös, eller som engagerar sig som volontärer för att ge stöd åt personer som inte har något hem. Här kan du ta del av deras texter.

Homeless in another country
Av Zabi

”An ordinary day is usually not an ordinary day as for other people. Me and the rest of my friends, who are as well undocumented, have almost the same kind of day. The days are useless, no activity, no school, no job, nothing. It is very depressing and boring. Sometimes we try to hang out with friends to have some fun but we have to always meet up outside. We aren’t allowed to go inside each other places, like that or to be guests”, Joseph says and drinks slowly from the hot coffee he has in his hand.

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Home is where the heart is
Av Nor and Isabel

We were drinking our coffee peacefully when all of a sudden one of the men who were sitting in the corner came to us. 

”I am so happy that young ladies like you two are interested to hear about Kontrapunkt, but I can tell you one thing and you have permission to write it down in the interview. Without organizations like Kontrapunkt and so on, people without homes would think of suicide and lose all hope. ”

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Homeless homes
Av Pauline and Aleksandra

People maybe do not want to see what they are seeing when they go by a man or a women sitting on a cardboard outside, but it is a sad fact that homeless people are on the streets and suffering. Why are we not showing affection, why are we not lending them a place to sleep and take a shower or even a hot meal to eat? At the end are not we all humans?

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